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Iseehear Inc.
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SoftMouse.NET v4 Mouse Colony Database Software - Online

Mouse Colony Management Database Software: SoftMouse.NET V4 FREE TRIAL Internet Colony Management for Knockout and Transgenic Mice Breeding.

Internet Colony Management Software and Database - Improve productivity, manage daily operations, establish accurate inventories of your mouse colonies and reduce your lab's mouse, breeding and research operating costs with SoftMouse.NET Mouse Colony Management Database Software.

SoftMouse.NET v4 Mouse Colony Software Management Database core features include:
  • Mouse Breeding and Colony Maintenance Tracking
  • Transparent Record Keeping of Mouse Experiments
  • Electronic Document Creation
  • Management and Data Protection Features
  • Administrative Features
  • Web-based Data Access and Communication
  • ...and many more features
Additional Information about SoftMouse.NET v4 Mouse Colony Management Database:

Using the SoftMouse.NET Mouse Colony Database, the user only has to enter their mouse record data one time. An immediate benefit is that the user then has the ability to view the same data in multiple views depending on what they are searching for. The core features of the SoftMouse DB Mouse Colony Software Management Database have been organized to provide these multiple views in the form of various tables and lists.

The SoftMouse.NET V4 mouse colony management software has options for tracking mice, cages, weaning, breeding and transgenic and knockout mouse / mice colonies.

Join the SoftMouse DB community and discover the benefits of using a relational database management system to Manage Your Mouse Colony Research.

A FREE TRIAL account creation is required for access to use SoftMouse DB.

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About Iseehear:

Iseehear Inc. (ISH) is a privately held Internet software and database company developing novel and proprietary data management solutions for the biomedical research community. Iseehear's Internet based information technology solutions provide the platform and enabling technologies, which complement the advances in genetics and genomics research and facilitate the capture, recording, protection and storage of research data and intellectual property.

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